The woman who ate photographs

The boy who cried wolf

The man in the moon

They who chew cud

Norah Butts Chalice 2022

She who loves Yaz

The Moon Goddess who steals night

The dog that sniffs grass

The bird who sings spring

The priest who sits still

The man who kneeled

That man was then exiled

That man was then liberated

The fox who knows how to den

The women who bears witness

The bear who builds dreams

The poet who sings dreams

The man who ate coffee shops

The singer who created Mississippi

The kid who skips rooftops

The naked mole rat who shines

Mr. Nice Guy who knows a shadow

Easter Bunny who comes around

Santa who watches (!)

Goddess who dances night

The one who walks and walks

The red panda who tickles us

The dude who sings in the shower

The miller from that song.

The miller down the street.

The prairie, deeper than you know

The woman who ate poetry

The women who ate pop art

Who are we who are so lucky to live in such a world?

Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who shall stand in his holy place? There is no one but us. There is no one to send, nor a clean hand, nor a pure heart on the face of the earth, nor in the earth, but only us, a generation comforting ourselves with the notion that we have come at an awkward time, that our innocent fathers are all dead-as if innocence had ever been…. But there is no one but us. There never has been. Annie Dillard

Who Can Ascend?

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