Have you noticed yet that wherever you go, the thing that you don’t want the most seems to know where you are? Seriously. It doesn’t just know where you are. The Divine has created the conditions under which a reaction will be stirred and brought into your consciousness so that you can finally realize that running from it doesn’t change the reality of it. Only bringing it into the light of a new order of awareness can bring into its presence the fulfillment of itself. Why? Because you start to understand the reaction is just what you don’t know about yourself yet.

That’s all your pain is. Your pain is what you don’t know about yourself. Your fear is what you don’t know about yourself. Your hatred is what you don’t know about yourself. Your regrets… every last part of every moment of resistance is just what you don’t know about yourself yet. And the Divine keeps saying, “Want to learn this now?” And what does this present consciousness keep doing? “Not yet! Because I’m so used to having a knee-jerk reaction that pushes away anything that brings up what is uncomfortable or untoward inside of myself. Not yet! Because I’m so used to being afraid of my own suffering.” That’s all that level of consciousness knows to do! But you live in a consciousness that envelops that consciousness. Within you exists the totality of all possibilities.

How many of you are pretty sure that whatever your “not yet” is, somebody else is responsible? It’s true, isn’t it? It is so incredible how fast a human being can be made negative. When you are negative, you are essentially locked in a world created by resistance that ensures nothing can happen in that cycle save for the certainty on your part that nothing else can happen unless somebody else changes.

What kind of life would it be to recognize that — existing right now within myself — is the marvelous recognition that for my life to change (in the true sense of the word), something new is going to have to take place? In the unwanted moment, I’m going to have to remember that this moment is an experience of my own consciousness. In the moment some stress seeps into me or I feel caught by something locked down, I’m going to have to remember that the reason I feel as if I’m separate from this is because I can’t see that I am not apart from what I’m seeing.

Do you know what a change that would make, to assume that kind of authentic, spiritual responsibility? What would happen is you would have all the pain of wanting to blame, but nowhere to go with it save to hold it in the light so the “not yet” of that misunderstanding becomes the seed of a new understanding — so that an integration takes place within yourself where what was formerly in the dark is brought into another order of consciousness that fulfills the purpose of the very thing that you think is causing you pain.

There’s so much taking place every moment. We just have to be there. Our task is to complete the revelation. The purpose of events is to produce a revelation. Every event is a revelation. The revelation is what? What it stirs in me — an aspect of my consciousness I did not know was there until the revelation. If I agree to stand in the place where there’s the “not yet,” and there’s the light that reveals it, and I accept the entire situation as being a bridge between levels of consciousness, in that moment there is everything needed to change that reaction into something that serves me instead of stealing from me.

Image courtesy of: Fotorech on Pixabay

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