How would your life be different if you could immerse yourself in the lives and teachings of the spiritual masters known as the Christian Mystics, revered throughout the centuries for their wisdom and insight born of personal experience?

This is your opportunity to get a deeper understanding of this ancient wisdom tradition, as we take a look at three key aspects of the Mystics in this FREE introductory mini-course.

Your Instructor: Marc Thomas Shaw

Marc is an award-winning instructor and author focusing on the contemplative path as a means of inner transformation and has been a Centering Prayer Practitioner for over a decade.

Lesson 1 : The Divine Flowering

In lesson one, we examine the major eras of Christian Mystical flowering, providing an overview of the Christian Mystical tradition and some context for each of the major eras, answering questions like: what is a Christian mystic? Who is drawn to this kind of teaching? And how can we find simple orientation points in this vast territory? And ultimately, how might you experience inner transformation through engaging with these ancient wisdom teachers?


Lesson 2 : The Divine Expressions

In lesson two, we take a look at the major types of Christian Mystics. The divine manifests itself differently in different people – all mystics are unique. And yet, there are some discernible patterns to the mystical experience, or the divine expression. In this lesson, we address questions like: what are the different types of Mystic? What precipitates the Mystical experience? And what type of Mystic resonates with you the most?


Lesson 3 : The Divine Transformation

In lesson three, we examine the stages of the Mystical Journey, or the patterns that emerge as we look back at the life experiences and the inner journey recounted by the Christian Mystics. We address questions like: What are the key stages in the spiritual journey of the Christian Mystic? Where are you on this journey? And what are some practical steps to help facilitate this movement along the spiritual path?