When we quiet the mind, which means all the mental chatter subsides into the background for a while, a higher level of energy – I call it vibrational energy – can be felt throughout the body. I have to wonder if that’s why Paul said the body is the temple of the Spirit.

I suspect this vibrational energy is the visceral quality of what he and the Jewish people generally referred to as Ruach Ha Kodesh – holy spirit, holy wind. This higher level of energy, Spirit, infuses our perception in such a way that the world becomes more vivid, more alive.

When this happens, I think we’re seeing the world as it actually is. The only thing that prevents us from seeing it this way all the time is our self-absorption in the constant mental chatter happening inside our head. We tend to give thoughts all of our attention.

Truth is, it takes a lot of energy to maintain our focus on our thoughts and the upkeep of our stories. When the mental chatter subsides, however, that energy is almost instantaneously available. We can channel it into what many traditions describe as authentic presence. We show up for life more fully, more authentically.

We might even sense the deeper presence of our own divinity, our true nature, which is basic goodness itself. Not good in the sense of not bad, but good simply because it is so. It is pure, primordial, and self-existent. You can’t really argue with it any more than you can complain because the sky is blue.

There is nothing we do to create or manufacture our divinity, our basic goodness. That’s why another way to describe it is pure grace. It is given, meaning it’s a given part of who we are already. It only has to be received in order to be perceived and felt, for it is most assuredly a felt presence.

In fact, it can both be felt and extended outward for the healing of the world. Indeed, that is its primary purpose. This vibrational energy which opens our perception to the vividness of the world is a healing energy. When we extend it outward to others in our situation, we become conduits of that healing.

Blessed be.

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