this is to say that yes
the silence
will heal you
will bring you to life
but please know
you’ll die first
don’t be alarmed
everything dies
everything dies
every thing

including that old wall
you built to protect
your broken bruised heart
that is beat and still beating

including that old cynicism
that asked you to turn
away and don’t look
don’t look now,
don’t look ever

including that old despair
that whispered toxic nothings
in your ear day in day out
til you believed it was speaking truth

(it wasn’t. that voice will die too)
(and your ears that heard such
things, dying until they’re dead)

Everything dies

how else will you have an empty tomb
right in the middle of your soul
that will give birth
to the resurrected you,
pure light,
pure love

the you you know
is alive somewhere.

that is to say that yes
you’ll resurrect, same body,
(same old you, but new)
but you’ll die first.

don’t be alarmed

all things are becoming new.

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