Author Joan Englander and filmmaker, Brian Lisus have created two videos inspired by contemplative prayer and meditation. And The Earth Still Sings and its sequel, Carried on Wings of Love. 

What people are saying:

Catherine Ann Jones, award winning playwright, screenwriter for several TV episodes of Touched by an Angel, says about Carried on Wings of Love

“Beautiful video carrying with it the medicine of peace and light. A gift of Calm Heart and Calm Mind.”

About the filmmakers

Brian Lisus, Vivid Rose Films, is a violin maker, producer and designer of custom videos for spiritual centers and retreats. www.  

Joan Englander is author of Joy in the Evening of Our Lives, creator of soul care for the living and the dying. Her work includes a montage of poetry, music and prayer at  

Brian Lisus and Joan Englander live in Ojai, California

Here’s are the two films. Enjoy!

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