Work has become extremely busy over the last few weeks. 

It sometimes feels like there is no end in site. 

As I complete one task, two more seem to show up that need my attention. 

I spent a few hours on a past Saturday and Sunday catching up on emails and working on a challenging mini project. 

While driving home from dropping my daughter off at work, I had an AHA moment. 

A solution just popped into my head to help resolve a challenge on my mini project at work. 

Once home, I quickly tested my AHA moment and it worked. 

Now more than ever I need my Centering Prayer sits! 

I notice the times away from work reset and refresh me. 

These non-work times allow God’s inner wisdom to flow. 

Centering Prayer has taught me to be persistent, to not give up, to work with a calm intensity. 

God is with me in both the calm and the chaos. 

God has a way of turning my chaos into inner calm. 

Let me know if I can help.

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