Contemplative Light is so pleased to announce that Rich Lewis will begin sharing weekly tips on our blog to help our readers deepen their centering prayer practice.

Rich has been a daily practitioner of centering prayer since June 1, 2014. He teaches centering prayer in his local community at churches, colleges and universities.

Rich’s website, Silence Teaches Us Who We Are, is devoted to centering prayer. Rich especially recommends these pages on his site. 

Rich’s resource page:

Rich’s centering prayer page:

Here’s Rich’s first tip:

Adjust the times and frequencies of your silent sits so they better balance with the ebbs and flows of your life. 

A few months ago work had become very challenging.  My previous centering prayer schedule was two sits, twenty minutes each.  The first sit was as soon as I awoke in the morning.  The second sit was in the mid to late afternoon.  If at work, I would leave my desk at two or three in the afternoon and head to my car.  Sit in the driver’s seat.  Roll down the window.  Sit for twenty minutes and then return to my work desk.  

I decided to adjust my centering prayer schedule because work had become more challenging and very overwhelming.  I needed God and I to better partner to get me through this busy time.

Here is where flexibility with my sit came into play.

I still sat first thing in the morning after I awake.  This sit became thirteen minutes. 

I also sat two more times in the work day.  Instead of one, twenty minute afternoon sit, I sat twice, thirteen minutes each time.  My first sit was before lunch.  My second sit was between three and four in the afternoon.

I discovered that I needed two afternoon sits.  My reservoir seemed to empty quicker.  This meant I needed less time in between my previous sit, hence the need for a third sit.

Work has recently calmed down and I have switched back to two sits per day.  I missed my longer twenty minute sit that was first thing in the morning.   

I have learned to trust the nudges and prompts of the Spirit.  I will remain open to the Spirit and readjust my sit schedule based upon the Spirit’s prompts.  

My challenge to you is to do the same.  Listen to the Spirit and adjust your sits when you are nudged to do so. 

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