When should you practice Centering Prayer?

Listen to what your life tells you. 

Are you a morning person?

You seem to get your best work done in the morning.

Take your first sit before you begin your day. 

Does it take you a while to feel awake and moving?

How about before lunch?

Sit and then eat your lunch.

You have had a long day.

You need to decompress. 

Sit before dinner.

What is my point?

Listen to what your life tells you.

Structure your silent sits around the ebbs and flows of your life. 

If life changes, change when you do your sits. 

Don’t stop your sits. 

Just move them where they best belong.

Let me know if I can help.

Going Further

This companion audio program to David Frenette’s book The Path of Centering Prayer —equally rewarding as a stand-alone guide—gives listeners an immersive resource to learn Centering Prayer, step by step and in the moment. With clarity and compassionate presence, Frenette explains the essential principles of this practice for both new and seasoned practitioners.

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