What is prayer?

Prayer is when we talk to God.

Prayer is when we ask God questions. 

Prayer is when we thank God. 

Prayer is when we praise God.

Prayer is when we complain or cry out to God. 

Prayer is when we ask God for help. 

What is contemplative prayer?

It is like a reverse prayer. 

We are quiet 

We let God pray in us.

Why would we want to do this?

If you want to have a deeper and more intimate relationship with God you cannot be the only one who talks. 

You need to be quiet and listen. 

(Even Jesus was known to go off to be alone.)

You need to silently sit. 

I do this via my silent prayer practice called Centering Prayer

God seems to speak quietly, deep within my soul beyond words, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. 

I seem to arise from my silent sit calm, yet energized.

I arise from my sit excited to take on the day. 

I am filled with wisdom and confidence. 

I learn how to be patient, to love and to listen. 

Lastly, I seem to arise from my sit full of inner actions that God wants me take. 

So, I encourage you to try a silent sit. 

And see what happens…….

Let me know if I can help.

Stay tuned for my upcoming book, Sitting with God: A Journey to Your True Self Through Centering Prayer scheduled to publish August 20, 2020 by Anamchara Books. 

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