To the quiet mind all things are possible.

– Meister Eckhart

Centering Prayer quiets our mind.  It quiets our mind during our silent sit.  It also quiets our mind during the regular course of the day.

When the mind is still, God can and will act!

I have noticed the following fruits of my Centering Prayer practice.

After a morning sit I am calm, yet excited to begin my day.  I am filled with energy to take on the day’s tasks.

My silent sit teaches me when to act and when to just sit still. Sometimes the best action is no action.

My silent sit teaches me what it is I need to do today and what can wait.

My silent sit reveals when I need to speak and when I need to shut up.

My silent sit nudges me to call or email an old friend to just say hello.

My silent sit prompts me to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.

My silent sit informs me to take a break today.  Turn off my cell phone, iPad and laptop and watch a movie, read a book, take a walk or spend more time with my wife and children.

My afternoon sit at work fills me with energy and helps me finish the tasks that need to get done before I leave for the day.

When I quiet my mind I hear the Voice and nudge of God.

When I quiet my mind all the things God wishes I do are revealed.

I agree with Meister Eckhart!

To the quiet mind all things are possible!

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