I am re-reading Christian Meditation:  Experiencing The Presence Of God by James Finley.  James Finley has a most beautiful and eloquent way of placing the words on the page. Let me share this wonderful paragraph from Christian Meditation.

“Imagine that you go to the ocean, take off your shoes and socks, and wade in ankle-deep. It’s true that you are in only ankle-deep, but it’s also true that you are in the ocean. If you bend down, touch your fingertips to the water, then touch them to your tongue, you taste salt. You feel the wind in your face. You look out at the horizon where the waterline meets the sky. You look down the shoreline. You feel the water about your ankles and, yes, you are in the ocean. In order to get in deeper, you simply need to move forward and it will get plenty deep soon enough. Awakening the spiritual path is like this. We have but to remain humbly open to the first stirrings of our journey into God, and our journey, will, in God’s good time, get plenty deep, soon enough.”

My daily centering prayer sits are the result of a stirring for a journey into God.

If I let go, continue to be patient and humble, with an open, receptive and trusting attitude, God will guide me further and further into His endless, deep waters.

The new course at Contemplative Light, The Devotional Practice Of The Jesus Prayer: A Journey Into The Highest Of The High takes students through the higher stages of mysticism and into God’s “endless deep waters.”

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