God does not wish that we live alone in the world.  We need someone who will listen to us.  I enjoy when I share my day with my wife or a friend.  I also like to listen.  I love to hear my children explain the activities they performed during their day.   

Centering prayer is enclosed by silence, solitude and stillness.

However, we do not always need to sit in silence alone.  It is sometimes nice to sit in silence in community.  Community silence is powerful.  If there is a local centering prayer group I encourage you to join them for a weekly sit.  You can find local centering prayer groups at the Contemplative Outreach site.  

Before each community sit a passage from the Bible might be read.  The community might also practice Lectio Divina and transition from the last step, contemplatio (rest), into the centering prayer sit.  

We are the body of Christ.  The body of Christ is invited to sit together and let the Spirit of God act within each member.  The body of Christ will arise from their sit equipped with the inner actions that the Divine wishes to express.

At the end of the community sit the group might share a meal or snack with each other.  They might pray for one another.  Sometimes it is just nice to talk, encourage each other and spend time with others.

I encourage you to look for opportunities to practice centering prayer in community.  I think you will both enjoy them and find them to be powerful experiences.    

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