Sometimes we need to sit in the silence of Centering Prayer 


  • Let God pray in us.
  • Fill us with peace
  • Embrace us with Love 
  • Infuse us with wisdom 
  • Calm us down 
  • Turn our doubts into courage 
  • Boost our confidence 

Other times we need to 

  • Move forward 
  • Take action 
  • Pivot and try a new approach 
  • Try something new
  • Lend an attentive ear
  • Smile at someone 
  • Volunteer to help someone 

We need both 


All action is preceded by silence. 

That is what attracts me to the silence of 


The silence of Centering Prayer is a place I come from. 

It shows me the way forward. 


It is a safe place I return to be refreshed and refilled.

Let me know if I can help.

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