If you like to walk or ride a bike, a silent sit in a park where you can find some solitude is always nice. I have done so in the summer months.

I enjoy to ride my bike on a trail that is not too far from my house.  In the middle of the bike trail there is a small park with a gazebo.

Sometimes I stop mid bike ride.  Park my bike and sit in the gazebo.  There is a roof on the gazebo so it blocks the sun rays that would otherwise hit me while I sit.

On the same trail is another park with soccer fields.  Each field has a bench for the players to sit.  I sat on one of the benches for my evening sit.

Lastly, at the end of my ride, sometimes I just sit in the driver’s seat before I head home.  All I need to do is roll down the windows and let a gentle breeze blow through the car.

I encourage you to try to sit outside for your centering prayer sits when you can.

You can even do so outside of your home in the morning or in the evening.  I am sure you can find a private spot to spend some time with God.

Let me know your favorite outdoor locations where you sat with God.

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