I read the below in Mindful Silence by Phileena Heuertz. 

“I am resolved to be free of fear, to be unafraid. To boldly and humbly live this one wild and precious life I’ve been given.”

Is this you?

Do you want this to be you?

I have good news. 

It can be you! 


A daily silent prayer practice will ground you in God. 

Silent prayer practiced daily, weekly, monthly, yearly will transform you. 

You become the person God wishes you to be: your true self. 

The truth is you never stop becoming the person God wishes you to be: your true self. 

It is a life-long and wonderful journey. 

It does not mean you will not be afraid.  

It does not mean you will have no fear. 

It does mean fear will no longer have a hold on you. 

Despite your fear, you will move forward.

Your comfort zone will expand. 

You can have the abundant life that God wishes for you.

Centering Prayer is my daily practice.

During Centering Prayer, I open to the presence and actions of God within.

I let God pray in me the future actions I should take. 

I let the silence hold me, shape me, refresh me and point the way forward.

Let me know if I can help.

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