“I want to integrate my Centering Prayer with my life.”

How do you do that? 

For starters, you make a decision to practice Centering Prayer.


Better yet, twice per day?

You KEEP at it. 

Remember, during Centering Prayer we open to the PRESENCE and ACTIONS of God within.  

We let go of our agenda and sit with God. 

Over time as you continue to practice, Centering Prayer seems to integrate with your life. 


Others notice you are a calm presence. 

Others see a new light in your eye. 

Others notice that you have something they want and do not have. 

Others enjoy being in your presence. 

You notice an inner calm.

You notice you are able to discern what actions you need to take and those you should let go of. 

You notice an excitement for life that you did not previously have. 

You notice you are tolerant of people that you previously were not. 

You notice you accept the present moment and what it entails. 

If you keep at your practice, it will integrate itself into your life. 

That is how it works!

Let me know if I can help.

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