God is within. 

Let me say that again. 

God is within. 

My gut tells me many people think of God as above or over there. 

While that is also true, God is within and that is a game changer. 

God loves us so much that the Spirit has taken residence in you and I. 

(It does not mean we are God.)

We get to tap into this wonderful, powerful and loving source. 

I find that very exciting!

One way to tap onto this life changing Presence is with silent prayer. 

Silent prayer is wordless prayer. 

Have you ever prayed without words?

Centering Prayer is one method or practice. 

During Centering Prayer we open to the presence and actions of God within: Contemplative Prayer. 

It is like a reverse prayer. 

We sit in silence.

We rest in God. 

It is like when we lay in a hammock. 

We let God do all the work. 

God does not mind. 

God prays in us. 

When our mind wanders, we use our sacred word to open to the presence and actions of God within. 

Then we ever so gently let go of the sacred word. 

And let God silently pray in us.

Let me know if I can help.

Stay tuned for my upcoming book, Sitting with God: A Journey to Your True Self Through Centering Prayer scheduled to publish August 20, 2020 by Anamchara Books. 

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