At home I sometimes light a candle before I begin my sit.  When I center with my nine year old son that is usually part of our routine.  My son loves to watch me light the candle.  This signifies the beginning of our time together as father and son.  This begins our silent time with God.

Together we read the opening prayer on the Contemplative Outreach App that I use:  Open my heart to your love.  That is a nice reminder as to what we will do.  We open our heart to God’s love when we sit.

At the end of the sit, my son enjoys when I let him blow out the candle.  We remain seated and have a nice talk and joke around.

If I am alone, I like to use my prayer rope after my silent sit.  I pray the Jesus Prayer.  I shorten it to, “Jesus, Son of God have mercy on ‘name’.”  I will say a person’s name and then repeat this prayer until I have prayed for everyone that God has nudged me to recite.

Before I get on with my day, I always have a book with me.  I will read a few pages of a book that I currently enjoy.  I might even read a few pages from the Bible.

I then get up to continue with my day.

I encourage you to find a routine that both helps you start your sit and also transition to your day.

Let me know how you start and transition from your silent sits.  It is always nice to change these routines from time to time.

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