The tyranny of over-identification with what is going on at the surface of our awareness prevents us from experiencing the intuitive level that of its very nature tends to be more peaceful, calm, and open to the presence and guidance of the Divine Indwelling.

– Thomas Keating 

Silent prayer is powerful!

We connect to ourselves at a deep level. 

Deep within us is our true self: the person God wishes us to be. 

A daily silent prayer practice connects us to our true self. 

A daily silent prayer practice helps us remove the many masks we wear: our false selves.

Our false self is who we think we need to be as told by family, friends, other people, our culture, our societies or our places of employment.

We arise from our silent sit ready to let the world see our true self. 

Our silent sit is the place from which our true self is birthed. 

That is why we return each day to our silent sits. 

Let me know if I can help.

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