Do not skip Centering Prayer when you are overwhelmed. 

That is when you need it the most. 

Work is very busy for me. 

Recently, I created a “need to do list” in a word document. 

I can add to it and delete items each day. 

I look at it each day to make sure I begin a task that needs to get done. 

Here is where Centering Prayer comes in. 

Now more than ever I need my Centering Prayer sits. 

My first sit is before I begin my day. 

It helps me start my day. 

God and I partner as I begin my day. 

My second sit is usually in the early afternoon. 

My reservoir runs dry. 

I need this sit! 

It is a reset and restart button. 

It helps me continue to partner with God. 

What is my point?

Do not skip your sits no matter how busy you are! 

These sits will help you to let go of the things that are obstacles to accomplishing your tasks. 

You will be more present and better hone in and focus on the things that will help you to complete your tasks. 

Do not skip your sits! 

This is when you need them the most. 

Let me know if I can help.

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