Do not underestimate the power of your Centering Prayer sit!

When we sit in the silence of Centering Prayer we open to the presence and actions of God within. 

This means God prays in you. 

I like to take key decisions and other long-term goals to my sits. 

I interiorly say them and like the sacred word of Centering Prayer let them go as I begin my silent sit. 

I let them rest in God. 

After my sit if they still excite me and will not harm me or others, I move forward. 

(Fear of movement out of my comfort zone is never a reason to not move forward.)

I continue to bring these key decisions and long-term goals to my silent sit. 

I give them to God. 

I let God pray in me the actions I need to take. 

Sometimes the action is no action. 

And I am okay with that too. 

My Centering Prayer sit is my opportunity to partner with God. 

Your Centering Prayer sit is your opportunity to partner with God.

Let me know if I can help.

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