I sit twice per day.  I begin my day with a silent sit.  I sit for twenty minutes.

My second sit is usually in the mid-afternoon.  My reservoir has emptied and I need to be filled again.

I have recently begun to write in a journal after most morning sits.  I don’t plan what it is that will be typed on the Word document before me. I let the Spirit prompt and nudge me.

Sometimes I worry about the upcoming day.  My journal fills with my conversation with God.  I speak to God and tell the Divine what weighs on my mind about the upcoming tasks I will need to do at work. I then have God respond.

God loves me and does not want me to worry.  God always seems to say, “Richard, I love you!  Why do you worry so much?  I am with you now and will be with you throughout the day.  Let’s together partner to complete all the tasks.”

Let me share one journal entry:


On week-days I awake anxious.  I think about what I need to do at work.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night.  I think of the never-ending tasks that need to get done.  I think about the tasks that I just do not know how to do.

I think about the numerous emails that I need to catch up on and the new ones that will come in.  I wonder what new work will come in on top of the work I have yet to complete. This is what makes me anxious. How can you help me God?


Why do you worry?  Why are you anxious?  I am with you Richard.  I love you.  You are not alone.  I am always with you.  You do not need to worry.  You do not need to feel anxious.  This bothers me.  I love you so much and I do not want you to feel this way.

Let’s together get these things done.  Let’s together look at the tasks, prioritize them and one by one get them done.  I don’t want you to panic.

I am with you and I am in you.  My wisdom is within you.   My wisdom is at your disposal.  Please tap into it.  Please never forget this.  Together we are powerful.  Never forget this.  I hope this helps.

You should never feel anxious and worried while you sleep and when you awake.  I give you my peace.  I give you my inner wisdom.  I give you my love.  My love constantly fills you.  Never underestimate the power of my love for you.

I highly encourage you to also try this. Talk to God.  Tell God what is on your mind.  Speak it or write it down.  When you have gotten things off your mind, switch roles.  How do you think God will respond to you?

Talk it aloud or write it down.  Let the Spirit act in you.  Be open to the Spirit’s prompts and nudges.  Be open to the Spirit’s love and wisdom.

I think you will find this a very powerful exercise.  Please take the time to both talk to God and then listen to God.

God will speak to you through your writing!

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