Who are you? 

Who is your true self? 

Have you asked yourself this question? 

Do you let this person come out to play? 

What is the one BIG thing you wish to do? 

When this one BIG thing starts to materialize, the smaller things will also begin to fall in place. 

I talk a lot about journaling and Centering Prayer. 

I frequently write down my one Big Thing and my smaller things. 

I need to see them in front of me. 

They are not real until I do this. 

I jot down steps I can take for both my Big and smaller things. 

I edit them as I feel moved. 

I take action on most days.

I try to take action early in the morning when I am most awake and have the most energy. 

Others days I give myself a needed vacation from them. 

Here is how Centering Prayer comes into play. 

I read my Big things and smaller things in the morning before each Centering Prayer sit and I read them in the afternoon before my second sit. 

I let them go to God. 

I let them simmer and slow cook with God. 

I need God’s help. 

God and I partner on them. 

I will have it no other way. 

I need this time to rest, reset, refresh. 

I need this time to rest in the rest of Love. 

I need this time to let go of the barriers that restrain my True Self. 

All my True Self wishes to do is be free. 

All it wants to do is soar. 

Let me know if I can help.

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