Outer Care

  • We workout at the gym for both strength and cardio work.
  • We watch what we eat.
  • We visit the doctor for our annual checkup.
  • We wear a new pair of clothes.
  • We buy comfortable sneakers.
  • We feel good about our recent haircut.
  • We enjoy a massage.

These are all forms of outer care.

What about inner care?

Inner Care

  • Do you take the time to rest and relax?
  • Do you journal your thoughts, dreams and goals?
  • Do you take a walk?
  • Do you watch the sun rise or set?
  • Can you sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea?
  • Do you take the time to read a good novel?
  • Do you enjoy a meal with friends or family where you will talk, listen and enjoy each other’s company?

It is important to balance your outer care with inner care.

One way I practice inner care is a form of silent prayer called Centering Prayer.

Centering prayer tends to and nourishes my innermost soul.

Let me know if I can help.

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