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Regular Contributor to Contemplative Light

Tim is a life long learner, educator and lover of mystery. As a result of a recent spiritually transformative experience (STE), he enjoys exploring and writing about topics related to mystical spiritual awakening.

Only from the heart can you touch the sky.


Tim Moon – My Story


I have had two spiritual conversions in my lifetime. One as a college student, and one more recently as part of my recovery from alcoholism. Although I think I always had a bent towards spiritual things, these two experiences had the most profound spiritual impact.

I attended college at Washington State University, in the early 1980s. One day, while walking home from school, and thinking about how depressed and unhappy I was, I wondered to myself what was wrong? Prior to this, I began to explore Christianity as a means of finding some meaning in what seemed like a meaningless futile world. But I was still pretty unhappy. I could not seem to reach a breakthrough until that day.

Within seconds, my concerns seemed to get an answer. The thought, “two can not walk together unless they agree” were projected to me. It just occurred to me out of nowhere. Suddenly, I realized I had been trying to live with one foot in each world and I was going to have to really commit myself to Jesus in order to follow him.

I stopped right there on campus street, next to Farmhouse fraternity, and gave my heart to Jesus. A feeling of freedom and happiness filled me immediately. This experience drastically changed my life. I joined a Charismatic Christian fellowship and started growing spiritually in some remarkable ways. Ironically, one of those changes involved my giving up alcohol. I felt strongly at the time that God wanted me to stop drinking alcohol, which I did for many years.

In my mid-thirties, I started drinking again though. I reasoned to myself that I was older now and the key was to just drink moderately. After all, I thought, Jesus drank and turned water into wine. Although initially, my drinking was very moderate, I gradually became more dependent on it. The pressures of family and work also encouraged this dependency as alcohol became my primary remedy for stress.

Eventually, it got the best of me and although I was pretty functional, as the general public was concerned, it was drastically affecting my family and was threatening to end my marriage of 29 years. In the fall of 2017, I came to grips with my problem and admitted my powerlessness over alcohol and entrusted myself to God to free me from my helplessness.

This resulted in a mystical spiritual experience that opened a door to see God in a much more comprehensive and magical way. It also freed me from the compulsion to drink.

In an effort to understand what was happening to me, and reconcile it with the spiritual phenomena I had experienced in the past, I started searching for answers. This search eventually led me to mystical Christianity.

Today, I enjoy studying and writing about issues related to addiction recovery, mindfulness, and Christian mysticism. My wife Anita, now of 31 years, my youngest daughter Keana, and I live in Austin Texas where I work as an administrator and teacher at a local school. We also have two adult daughters Alena and Monica and an adult son David. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all on these important topics.