What are my dreams for the future of the world?

I’ll go with peace.

I’ll go with more art.

I’ll go with creating more art, appreciating more art, living more art.

Lots of music.

Lots of parks.

Pristine waters.

A falling in love again with the common good.

I’ll go with lots of forests.

I’ll go with walking into and living into my authentic self.

And cheering everyone else on as they live into their authentic self.

More poetry.

A spirit of beholding one another: Here I am. Here you are. I see your beauty.

No more walls between countries. Instead a siblinghood of all.

A spirituality that celebrates the beauty of diversity—that celebrates queerness, free thinkers, and the made crazy poets and the mad crazy artists. And one that celebrates kindness and compassion.

More Sunday brunches.

More meandering and sauntering.

What is your dream vision of the future?


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