There is of course the dinner party.

Thomas Merton was laughing and drinking a beer.

Siddhartha was sitting under a tree, entertaining visitors.

Someone called out: “Tell us again, Muhammad, Blessed be your
name, the one about your night journey.”

Everyone cried yes yes.

Teresa (avila) said: “Oh, I do like this one.”

Dorothy Day was just sitting quietly, mending someone’s
tunic, and telling Mary Oliver about what happened in the latest soap opera she loves.

Mary Oliver, when Dorothy Day, was done, said: Oh, they
should have made a soap based in Provincetown. That would have been a hoot.

Borg and Crossan were playing chess. “I sure hope Moltmann
gets here soon. We will have such a good food fight.”

Mary Oliver started showing photographs taken by her beloved
Molly. “This is the swan and there is the bear. And there is my beloved pond.
Oh, when will Annie Dillard arrive?”

Everyone gathered round. Even the Berrigan brothers, though
they were off plotting something or other. Even they came round.

Jesus nodded at them. They knew each other very well. Very

Mary Oliver said, “Oh Molly remember this street. We’d dance
and we’d dance. The moonlight and the gulls.” Of course of course.

Siddhartha got up from his tree. Came over.

 “Of course Mary,
we will never forget. It sang in you and through you. You showed us. We’ll
never forget.”

“Emerson bring us a story. Sandburg sing us a song. Whitman,
speak to us of Jersey.”

“Rosa. Toni. Harriet. Call the four directions. It’s time
for dinner.”

“Malcolm, Martin. Give us a blessing, give us a prayer.”

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