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Contemplative Perspectives: Frameworks for the Divine

For anyone who craves to deepen their contemplative process and more fully embody and integrate the the higher stages of the mystical path, Contemplative Perspectives: Frameworks for the Divine offers an opportunity to travel through the various states of awakening and understand the territory. With the historic practice of The Jesus Prayer as a jumping off point, we explore the experiential aspects of the Purgation/Illumination/Union path of Christian Mysticism. To help make these traditional dimensions and phases of the spiritual life more accessible for the contemporary seeker, we also use the most relevant material from Integral Theory, Mindfulness, and Psychology.

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The Power of the Jesus Prayer

Welcome to a thorough introductory course on the practice and perspectives of the timeless Jesus Prayer, from the Christian Mystical and Contemplative traditions! Whether you are a long-time practitioner looking to solidify your understanding and framework for practice or a beginner interested in immersing yourself in this teaching, this course can serve as a rich resource.

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The Fearlessness Of The Jesus Prayer

The Protestant reformation had a valid point in its rebellion against the practices it perceived to be idolatrous.  After all, there is no God but God, and no earthly things – whether people, statues, or cathedrals – can substitute for the Eternal and Infinite nature of a God that always eludes the conscious understanding of our finite minds.  Everything in this world remains imperfect, and it’s good to be reminded of that.

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Challenging Yourself With The Jesus Prayer: Process And Results

It’s been my experience that the vast majority of monastics and vowed religious tend to frown upon the cultural craze of self-help teachings.  Much in our society is based on ‘getting things done,’ ‘winning,’ and becoming more ‘efficient;’ it is understandable that truly disciplined contemplatives might think true spirituality is being overlooked.  Simply staying ‘available for God’s grace,’ or ‘resting in Being,’ should be the emphasis, some think.   The spiritual life is not a race. 

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A Deeper Look At The Power Of The Jesus Prayer And Christian Mysticism

It’s only natural in a society that relies primarily on “evidence-based research” to doubt all things supernatural. A generalized acceptance of God’s existence and the teachings of the church may reside one’s conscious thoughts, but we usually don’t walk around day-to-day expecting the miraculous.  So when it does happen, it can be quite a shock.  Even startling.  And this prayer works miracles.

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The Jesus Prayer: An Entrance into the Kingdom

Saying the Jesus Prayer regular is like having a steady-workout routine for your soul.  Even though you work out every day, it often seems like more trouble than it’s worth.  Or, even if it is healthy, your physique still isn’t close what you want it to be.   Then you look in the mirror five years later, and you see a person you don’t recognize completely, some reflection of a distant memory.  Saying The Jesus Prayer is that transformative for the soul.  And yes, sometimes the growth is slow and steady, like building physical muscle.  But there are….

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The Jesus Prayer And Integral Christianity

The Jesus Prayer has long served mystics as a one-ticket route to Divine Union on The Christian Mystical Path.  However, the territory one travels in consistent, disciplined use of the prayer can seem vague and nebulous at times, even when God’s brilliant Light is shining the fiercest.  It helps my own journey tremendously to make use of the hidden maps and patterns that Ken Wilber, Carl Jung, and other great minds have described for us in their work. 

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