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When Mysticism and Madness Collide

Sometimes experiences of what the Zen tradition calls no-mind may come too soon.  While I prefer Pink Floyd’s line, and if the dam breaks open many years too soon, Buddhism might talk about this in terms of changes of consciousness: devotion (saddha), discipline (sila), detachment (caga), and depersonalization (panna).  The later, panna experience can sometimes come prematurely.  Sometimes the subsequent integration is smoother; in my case , it wasn’t.

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From Mythic Christ to Inner Christ: Causal to Witnessing State-Stages in Integral Christianity

Going into deeper states can reach a point, and usually many points, where our own “mental picture” of God starts to seem as if it is in need of a new architecture.  In fact, this is central to the journey of contemplation, for we are traveling through spaces within God and through God, and yet, as the old saying goes, it often appears that we live “without God” too.   One of the gifts of the contemplative journey is the increased presence of the indwelling Spirit in our daily lives.

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