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Reflections: 31 Daily Devotionals by Celeste Barnard

I recently met Celeste Barnard through social media and I’m sure glad that I did. I offered to review her book, Reflections: 31 Daily Devotionals, and so she sent me a copy to read. Although I was engaged from the start by her down-to-earth, easy-to-read writing style, I was completely hooked when I read the second devotional.

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Writing as a Spiritual Practice: Glimpse Behind the Scenes

“I’m amazed,” Kelly tells us, “by the diverse groups of people who benefit from this practice. In the three-years-plus that I’ve offered workshops in person, I’ve never had the exact same group attend more than once, which mixes up the dynamics in fascinating ways. I’ve gotten emails from people in various places across the country, too, saying how they wished they could attend these workshops, so I finally decided it was time to create an online version.”

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