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When Mysticism and Madness Collide

Sometimes experiences of what the Zen tradition calls no-mind may come too soon.  While I prefer Pink Floyd’s line, and if the dam breaks open many years too soon, Buddhism might talk about this in terms of changes of consciousness: devotion (saddha), discipline (sila), detachment (caga), and depersonalization (panna).  The later, panna experience can sometimes come prematurely.  Sometimes the subsequent integration is smoother; in my case , it wasn’t.

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Abiding In Silence

After some amount of contemplative practice, and maybe even a deeper awakening experience, we tend to notice how much of our energy is handed over to thoughts, to mind-stuff. After a while, we notice all of it, everything outside of the pure silence is mind stuff, thought forms of one level of another.

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Book Review: Ambition Addiction by Rabbi Ben Shalva

In Ambition Addiction, Benjamin Shalva recognizes that some amount of ambitiousness is healthy, but there are tell-tale signs when your desire to achieve success can turn into a destructive disease.   These touchstones served as good guides for me; in fact, the lessons in this book are such that anyone who sometimes stresses out about the fast pace of 21st century life could benefit from reading it. 

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Psychology Informs Spiritual Growth, Always.

Our own individual subjectivity when approaching the experience of God is inevitable. While many would like to define “correct experience” vs. “wrong experience” in regards to Christianity (prophet vs. heretic), it doesn’t necessarily work according to our-own-will-presented-as-God’s-will, which is what presentations of theological beliefs are likely to elicit. Like gravity, it is certain we will shape our own faith walk through our own individual psychology.

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