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Clinging to the Ascended Christ

Now that the Easter holiday is behind us it is fitting that we look to the next major event following Christ’s resurrection, His ascension into heaven. This event often does not get the attention it deserves in modern Christianity. It is overshadowed by Christ’s death and resurrection, a forgotten reality, rendering the death and resurrection of Christ less potent than they truly are.

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The Counterintuitive Path To Wisdom

Quick thought exercise. Who is it you think of in your own life that you associate with the word wisdom? Someone who doesn’t get caught up in games of status and recognition. Someone who is able to skillfully navigate emotionally charged interactions. Someone at once grounded, aware, insightful, honest, and humble, possessed of a quiet inner strength with no need to call undue attention to itself.

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From Mythic Christ to Inner Christ: Causal to Witnessing State-Stages in Integral Christianity

Going into deeper states can reach a point, and usually many points, where our own “mental picture” of God starts to seem as if it is in need of a new architecture.  In fact, this is central to the journey of contemplation, for we are traveling through spaces within God and through God, and yet, as the old saying goes, it often appears that we live “without God” too.   One of the gifts of the contemplative journey is the increased presence of the indwelling Spirit in our daily lives.

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Psychology Informs Spiritual Growth, Always.

Our own individual subjectivity when approaching the experience of God is inevitable. While many would like to define “correct experience” vs. “wrong experience” in regards to Christianity (prophet vs. heretic), it doesn’t necessarily work according to our-own-will-presented-as-God’s-will, which is what presentations of theological beliefs are likely to elicit. Like gravity, it is certain we will shape our own faith walk through our own individual psychology.

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The Jesus Prayer And Integral Christianity

The Jesus Prayer has long served mystics as a one-ticket route to Divine Union on The Christian Mystical Path.  However, the territory one travels in consistent, disciplined use of the prayer can seem vague and nebulous at times, even when God’s brilliant Light is shining the fiercest.  It helps my own journey tremendously to make use of the hidden maps and patterns that Ken Wilber, Carl Jung, and other great minds have described for us in their work. 

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A Checklist for Resurrection

Traditionally, on Easter Sunday, we identify closely with a person who suffered, died, and rose again. In the Christian tradition, Christ’s resurrection is kind of the whole point.But often we turn it into a mental story of something out there. We think of it mechanically in a sense, it’s something that happened and if I respond thus and so it means I don’t have to die or go to hell when I die or however we conceive of that. It’s as if a fact we either accept or reject, and that determines our afterlife.

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