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Two Kinds of Magic Moment

One of my many privileges in life, and there are a lot of them, is to live in a place of great natural beauty. Accustomed to seasons of changing leaves, barren trees, snowfall, the budding, fragrant spring, and the majesty of a summer thundershower in my childhood in Germany, admittedly the low rate of seasonal change in California took some getting used to.

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The Empty Vessel: A Buddhist Teaching

There is a story in the Buddhist canon which tells us of a person rowing a boat across a very large lake. It is just before sunrise and there is a heavy fog. A fog so thick that the rower cannot see past the bow of his own row boat. Suddenly there is a SLAM and he has run into another boat head on. Our boatman is furious and begins yelling and screaming obscenities at the other boat. As he rows alongside, his angers dissipates as he realizes the boat he has run into is abandoned. There is no one there to get angry at, and thus…

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Psychology Informs Spiritual Growth, Always.

Our own individual subjectivity when approaching the experience of God is inevitable. While many would like to define “correct experience” vs. “wrong experience” in regards to Christianity (prophet vs. heretic), it doesn’t necessarily work according to our-own-will-presented-as-God’s-will, which is what presentations of theological beliefs are likely to elicit. Like gravity, it is certain we will shape our own faith walk through our own individual psychology.

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