So anyway,
the first name of god is mother.
the second name of god is earth.
the third name of god is breath.
and god’s middle name is flight.

sometimes on the birth certificate
just for fun
god is named mystery.
Sometimes just for fun
that line is left blank.

The fourth name for god is
you can’t see my face
unless you are Hagar
then you can see my face
AND name me AND
no matter who wants to kill
you, I’ll give you a great nation.

So we know that one of God’s names,
thanks be to Hagar,
Is the one who sees.

Thanks to Mary Hunt or Elizabeth Johnson
Or Rosemary Radford
we know that one of god’s name is
She Who Is.

Sometimes I think god’s name is
come, sit a spell,
lean up against this tree and tell me everything.
So maybe god’s name is the tree that hears it all.

Sometimes I think god’s name is River,
but that is because I listen to a lot of Joni Mitchell.
Sometimes I think god’s name is mountain
cause I live right at the base of Pikes Peak
and it really is purple and majestic.

god, she who is, doesn’t live on the mountain
or in it. we got over that idea a while ago.
it’s more like the house of leaves, you know where you
walk into the house and the inside is infinitely bigger
than the outside. You’re the house of leaves and I’m the house
of leaves and we all are.
Outside i’m 5’8”. Inside goes on and on forever.

a poem is a house for god i think, a house for the spirit
And god’s name is poet and pen and paper and words and poem,
thinker and thought.

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