Silence is my prayer as I set my thoughts aside and give my attention to something else for a while.

A body sorely ignored,
A heart full of wonder and grief,
Sounds in the air,
And, you, Lord.
And, you, Lord.

Meditative silence rides the breath as I deepen into all this moment has to offer.

An itch,
An ache,
Many recurring thoughts,
A heart touched by memories,
Reminders of all that’s lost…

And frustration!

Frustration at my seeming inability to stay present and focus.

Deepening silence pulls me to a new level of receptivity as I continually return to my sacred intention.

To be still,
To know,
To listen,
To receive,
To express my love if but for this short reprieve.

The sound of silence etches itself around the noises of the world as I relax here in your kind and loving embrace.

And safe.

Silence delivers me.
Silence is my prayer.

May silence fill your soul with ecstasy and wonder on this day. Blessed be.

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