As some of you may know, I have a conscious parenting blog wherein I share what I have learned as a nanny through direct experience with children.

One of the things I mentioned in a prior article is that children are like “copy machines.”   They mimic our words, mannerisms, negative states, etc.  It’s all being done unconsciously and is something that is always taking place.

What I’d like to shed light on in this article is the importance of being aware of what our actions are seeding in a child in any given moment.  

We need to become fully aware in each and every moment of what are we actually teaching them through our actions and words, because what we will find is that if we are not present to ourselves in any given moment, we seed the collective unconsciousness nature that we were intended to transcend.  

When we seed unconsciousness, we essentially feed it.  We feed pain, violence, destruction, self-glorification and the like.  In feeding that consciousness, there is a hidden prayer guided by spiritual law wherein when we unconsciously agree to act under its direction, at the same time we are asking for that pain, violence, destruction, etc. to come visit us yet again, only more pronounced.

What if we were to truly understand that?  To truly understand that if we don’t watch and wait in every moment for God’s Will to direct us and instead act from our own will, that there is a prayer in that, a prayer for more of what we don’t want? Seems crazy but it is unequivocally true.

I was recently watching a news video by a certain news anchor that I really respect.  In this particular video, he played an excerpt of a young senator who made a “threat” of violence if the recent election didn’t turn out in “her party’s” favor.  

I had a nanny job to head to and so I left for that job.  When I arrived, the girls were sitting at the breakfast table.  One was eating, the other was pouting.  The mom asked the younger one to please start eating.  This young girl crossed her arms very forcefully and said “I don’t want cereal and toast!” 

The mom asked the child “Ok, what would you like instead?”  To which the girl responded “a waffle.”  Mom then dumped out the cereal, ate the toast, and proceeded to toast a waffle for the girl.

Now that whole event might seem benign, but is it?  Or is it a seed of a “senator in the making”?  

It is wrong order to allow a child to dictate to a parent a demand for what they want.  What gets seeded and created in that relationship is what you see taking place in the world right now.  The mom of this girl is a very decent human being.  She just knows not what she is doing by agreeing to acquiesce to the demands of her child, which isn’t really the demands of her child at all. 

We all are instruments of the lower consciousness until we become aware that there is another option, another possibility.

The question came to me  – “Why are we so afraid to do what is right in the moment?”  I can only answer that from my own experience and understanding.  I don’t do what is right in the moment because fear (that lower consciousness) tells me that I may lose something if I do. 

Additionally, as well, I don’t want to experience what I will be made into if I do what’s right.  Meaning, if I tell my child to please eat what is offered or don’t eat, I don’t want to experience the pain that will arise in me when my child throws her ultimate fit for not getting what she wants.

So instead of fully experiencing that uncomfortable movement of pain in me, the true meaning of suffering myself (the cross), something in me chooses to acquiesce to not “rock the boat.”  But it’s not “me” who is choosing to not rock the boat.  It is unconsciousness choosing in favor of itself without me being present to its action.

So, you can see by this example the more we blindly feed that lower level of consciousness whether in ourselves or in our child, the more pronounced it becomes in our world – hence what you see taking place in the world today.  

We all play a part in what we have created in this world through the unawareness of ourselves.   That is why it is vital to become aware of ourselves, present to ourselves in each and every moment, because when we aren’t, we are unknowingly praying for more divisiveness, more selfishness, more pain.

The seed of truth that we all came into the world with, had to be encased with the “husk of ourselves”, the dark identified images and beliefs, so that there was something created for that seed to break through, something to be sacrificed in the moment.

It’s time now for the return, for the undoing, for the repenting. That’s the story of our life really. That is what we are here on earth for, and the parenting environment is ridden with opportunity after opportunity to work in that regard.

We will never realize true freedom if we are afraid of doing the right thing in the moment. We must agree to let the husk of ourselves die by waiting for God’s guidance.  

We never lose anything true in the moment of agreeing to do that.  The only thing we lose in that moment is the husk of a false belief that we ever really had a will in the first place.

Image courtesy of: Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina from Pexels 

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