It’s so hard to pray some mornings. So many distracting thoughts.

I return to this sacred moment, again and again.

Again and again, I returned to you to be held in the One in whom we are all one.

Sometimes it’s enough to sit in open receptivity for just a minute or two.

Even that can shift things.

Doesn’t stop me from yearning for more though.

I guess that’s okay.

We all have our attachments. We all have our aversions.

Deeper still is an awareness so divine it can accommodate everything in love.

You have blessed us with this capacity.

To hold.

To love.

To simply bear witness to the atrocities and wonder of life.

This is what we train in.

Pure presence. Naked awareness.

Infused by the gift of contemplation.

There I rest.

There I cast the burdens of the day, the busyness of the hour, the worries plaguing my mind.

There I rest.

Even if just for a moment. It’s enough.

Then I return to the sacred moment.

Again and again.


Image Source: Pixabay

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