Does resist not evil mean we should try to do away with it in one way or another?

Does resist not evil mean we should “love what we see that we call evil”?

What does it really mean to resist not evil?

Well, if we truly understood the meaning behind that phrase, we wouldn’t see the evil out in the world that we currently do, that’s for sure.

Guy Finley puts the meaning behind that passage this way: “Do not oppose what opposes you.” Newton’s third law puts it this way: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

So, if it’s true that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, then wouldn’t resisting the evil that we claim we see out in the world result in the continuation of that evil through the not wanting of it?  

And, if you really think about what I just presented, it may leave you with a question in your mind such as “Well, we can’t just ignore evil, so what exactly are we supposed to do?

Isn’t it fascinating that there is a part of us that always feels it needs to do something about whatever is transpiring in the moment. Why do you think that is?  Because we have, in fact, always done something since the beginning of time, believing that what we are doing is something that will create a true and lasting change.

But what exactly is it that we are doing and have been doing since time millennia?  We have been giving ourselves our own answers to what disturbs us in the moment.

But “that something” that we’ve done and have been doing over and over again, has done nothing to change evil in any way, shape or form. As a matter of fact, it has done the opposite. The actions that we have been taking have actually strengthened evil – as you can clearly see it playing out in the world today.

Nobody wants to see the truth that those actions have had an equal and opposite reaction. Nobody wants to be responsible for their part in the evil that has manifested out in the world, and each and every one of us has, albeit unconsciously, played a part in that very manifestation.

If we were to understand what evil truly is, it would be most beneficial in helping us to not resist it.

God did not create evil. The breaking of God’s law by man creates evil. The breaking of that law is when man obeys a certain lower level of consciousness instead of the Higher one it was intended to obey.

Man doesn’t intentionally break that spiritual law, the law is broken unconsciously because we have never been educated on how that spiritual law in this life works. That unconscious life is a default way of living because we’ve never been shown any other way other than attending to that mechanism within us.

In truth, there is only God’s Will. The will we call “ours” is really an illusion. We were always meant to follow God’s law, God’s instruction in each and every moment. But somewhere along the line we have forgotten that vital understanding and started giving ourselves our own answers to the moment instead. That is the breaking of God’s law that has become “second nature” to us. We have pushed away God’s Will in favor of our own.

As such, that is what creates evil because then we believe we are the ultimate and highest authority. We believe we know what is right and what is wrong in any given moment and therefore know how things should be and how people should act.   We then believe that we know how to fix things to make them better.

But we clearly don’t know how to fix things and make them better. We know nothing of the sort, but believing that we do gives us a great sense of self-importance. Sadly enough, that “sense” of self importance is just that – a “sense” of an identity that is nothing real. Sensations come and go, they are temporary.

What our heart seeks is permanence, and the only way to find permanence is aligning ourselves with the Will of something that is, in fact, permanent. God is the only thing that is truly permanent, so wouldn’t it make sense that if that is what we are seeking, that we would choose to align ourselves with that Will?

How can we possibly believe that we can abolish evil when it wasn’t we who created it? It was created by that default mechanism in us that we weren’t aware of and have been unconsciously living from. That being said, we are still responsible for what has manifested in that unconscious life.

The responsibility that we agree to accept when we see how we’ve been “missing the mark” all along, is the story of the Prodigal Son’s return home. We see that we have been living from a wrong will which has created the horrors and division that we see out in this world. We then agree to start consciously suffering ourselves in the moment in favor of God’s Will so that he can transform those parts of us that were unconsciously identified with by that mechanism.

That is the definition of rebirth. That is the meaning of Christ on the cross.

Change in this world can come in no other way. Evil can’t be transformed in any other way.

Every parent wants the best for their child and for their child to be happy and safe. Why not help them to understand the spiritual laws that they and everyone else in this world are under?

Wouldn’t that be the best for them and for their safety?

There’s only one thing and one thing only that we need to do, and that is to obey God’s Will in each and every moment.

Image courtesy of:  KoolShooters on pexels

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