I was honored to meet Fr. William Meninger in October 2016 at a weekend retreat. 

In celebration of this wonderful man who recently passed away, I share these 13 quotes I jotted down from him as I listened to his wisdom and wit. 

“We fall and we start over again.”

“We should be One in love.”

“You are a steward of God’s mysteries.”

“Grace is the presence of God.”

“Grace is the companionship of God.”

“Our minds try to understand God.  Attempts to know God have to give way to loving God.”

“Contemplative prayer is union with God without any intermediaries.”

“Love God for His own self, not for His gifts.”

“A mystic is anyone who approaches God without intermediaries.”

“We cannot do anything to earn God’s grace but we can remove obstacles.”

“God is going to love you and that is it.”

“If you are loving God, you have to love all who God loves.”

“Distractions are blessing.  They cause you to cling to God in love (during centering prayer).”

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