You who gave me space and room
to learn the way of peace and love
when I was lost and all seemed gone
I am calling again. Hear me. Hear my cry.

Vanity, vanity. And lies. All around me,
all inside me. I am the lonely other.
I seek your voice
to show me the way (yet!) again.

I seek your face
to shine bright upon me.

I know when I call you’ll hear me.
I know you can feel my despair.
You’ve been there before.
You’ll be here again.

Of this I have no doubt.
I won’t pursue the way of greed.
I will pursue the way of grace.

No matter what. In fact, I shall sit on my bed.
I shall sit under my tree, waiting,
letting the silence
soothe me and keep me.

This is why I will sleep well tonight.
Your spirit of comfort and peace,
is like my blanket, warm and secure.
Giving me space, holding me tight.

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