Most Heavenly Father, we pray for our brothers and sisters on the contemplative path, that they may find the Glory and Everlasting Peace that Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, has given all contemplative Christians worldwide.

We look upon this planet, oh Lord, and we can see that it is a broken place; we can see new generations and new forms of conflicted spirits and warring tribes. And while yet new they are also of old, the pains that plagued us then still haunt us now, the limitations of original sin confine us still to what is bu a purgatory realm, between heaven hell, between birth and death, between brokenness and wholeness,

Yet here we also know that we live and die in You, that each moment of the day is the self-same divine Alpha and Omega, that Eternal Light remains spotless and invincible in the great Here Now of the Never-Ending moment, moment of crucifixion and resurrection, moment of Christ Forever, moment of day to day tasks and modern confusions, as it was in the beginning, still it is with us now.

We pray in accordance with the Holy Paradoxes of the Kingdom of Heaven:

We pray for the powerful,

As we pray too that we may claim Our Own Power.

We pray for the darkness,

That we may accept and integrate Our Own Shadow.

We pray for the silence,

As we disappear into our own connection to the One Quiet.

We pray for the lovers and The Love

That we may always bow before the Christ Within.

In moments of still, silent practice, and in moments of emotional threshold and climax,

We have known Your Glory.

We have felt your Presence.

We have glimpsed Your Contemplative Light.

The contemplative light that first comes when we know for certain You are Real, when after having only heard traditions and teachers, we come through our own experience to find a direct connection with Your Eternal Love that holds up and cements the foundations of the Universe, when after only having imagined you in our minds we come to find you intimately inside our own hearts, greeting our souls with the affections of Your Holy Spirit.

We pray for this contemplative light to guide us as we plunge deeper into the depths of Your Infinite Kingdom.

We pray for Your Strength to give us strength as we continue day to day, moment to moment, in our many paths of prayer and meditation, silence and devotion.  In the Name of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

Feel free print up this prayer, say it regularly, and share it.  Sometimes, the more people that say a particular prayer, the more that prayer itself becomes “charged” with The Holy Spirit.

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