We are all practicing together as one. Me in my solitary chamber. You in your sacred space.

But how can that be?

Perhaps nothing is as separate as it seems; there is solidarity in our practice.

As Father Thomas Keating puts it:

Practice bonds the people who are doing it with everybody else who is doing a similar practice, and indeed with everyone else in the human family.

Therefore, I must ask. Can we sit with the whole world? Centered in love with a faith so grand it even touches the distant stars?

I think we can.

How comforting, then, to realize our Oneness with others. This must be our calling. 

In stillness, received. 

In silence, realized.


Even as a black birds chatter about, spilling seed from the feeder.

Even as car horns reverberate to the impatience of their owners.

Even as the dog barks, the wind howls, and the tea kettle whistles in the other room.

Even as the sun rises. Darkness descends.

Even as the world scurries about in its mad dash to nowhere.

Even then…


In stillness, it is received. 

In silence, it is realized.

We are all one in the Divine.

Therefore, would you sit with me awhile? Me in my chamber. You in your sacred space.

Together in this moment.

If we do this, the world can’t help but be nudged a little.

Toward love.

Toward grace.

Toward unity.

Toward peace.

Toward faith.

Toward hope.

Toward our ecclesial reality.

Therefore in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—Jews or Greeks, slaves or free—and all were made to drink of one Spirit.

1 Corinthians 12:13

Soon, then, the glory to be revealed.

Here, now, the glory is revealed.

Blessed be.

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