Once upon a time, there existed a Kingdom of Cooperation, a Kingdom wherein people understood the value of relationship and using everything in Life for revelation purposes.

The inhabitants of this Kingdom would intentionally interact with others that disturbed them, for they knew the gold available in agreeing to go against the part of themselves that tried to deter them away from such interaction.  They came to understand that beyond the resistance was the flow of Life.

The inhabitants, as well, were willing to take risks to learn new things in many different areas of life, for they knew it offered them a possibility to learn something new about themselves.  They understood there was no such thing as failure, only something to be learned.  They therefore understood the ultimate value in persistence and that any part of them that wanted to wallow in regret was not for their greater good.

These inhabitants never used the words “good” or “bad” for they knew those words were labels of the judging mind.  They knew, as Guy Finley, a truth teacher, so eloquently puts it “there’s nothing to do, only something to see.”

Because they had that understanding, the parents in the Kingdom of Cooperation agreed to surrender to God as to how to raise their children in each and every moment.  They waited patiently for instruction by suffering the part of themselves that wanted to instruct, punish or condemn.  They never questioned that guidance for they knew that only God knew what was best for each individual child in this world.

This Kingdom knew that all the inhabitants belonged to a single consciousness and therefore any acts done against another would be first done to themselves.  Instantaneous karma and pain.  That understanding created a safe environment for the inhabitants to use their time and attention on this earth to properly fulfill the purpose for which they were given to fulfill.

Conversations by the inhabitants in the Kingdom of Cooperation were not the usual conversations.  They never involved gossip.  They never voiced judgment of others.  They spoke only of practical things that needed tending to and about inner life matters and what characteristics they were working on and seeing in themselves.  Being that God was first in their lives, being open and honest with both themselves and others, was first and foremost.

When unwanted events took place in their lives, there wasn’t any outward pointing of fingers of blame.  There was an immediate inward turn-around so that they could see the parts of themselves that wanted to blame others for the unwanted event and negativity that arose in them from it.

The inhabitants of this Kingdom moved slowly and deliberately.  They knew that anything pushing them to rush was a lie.  They were aware that they truly had all the time in the world when they were working moment to moment for a higher good.

There was no need to selfishly compete against each other in this Kingdom, for its inhabitants knew that each individual’s needs were always met moment to moment so long as they were present to receive said instruction.  They understood that they simply needed to stay in their own lane and work on themselves and themselves alone, because their inner world determined their outer one.

The inhabitants understood that they were blessed with being a temporary guest in this world and were only here to do God’s work using themselves as his instrument.  Therefore, there was nothing to be afraid of and there was nothing to prove.  There was nothing to seek attention or accolades for.  Any sense of inadequacy was known to be a lie, for it was understood that each inhabitant brought something essential to this world and to each other.

There was nothing to do except simply agree to be the joyous vessel for which they were blessed with and given to be.

Everybody loves a “Once Upon a Time” story.  If you have ever been around children, their eyes light up when you start a story with those very words.

The above story is really how we were intended to use our time here in this Kingdom we call earth.  It isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem.

You, as parents that have the beautiful gift of this hidden understanding, can live this Once Upon a Time life with your family.   Your role is vital to bringing something new into this world.  Every act that you say or do can matter.  How you live and be in this world is how your child will learn to live and be.  Your understanding becomes their understanding.  

However, in order to live this Once Upon a Time life, we must choose to be chosen, meaning, we must be the one who chooses God’s Will over our own.  Interestingly enough, that is really the one and only real choice we have ever had in this world.  

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you” means exactly that.  When God’s Will is first, we sacrifice ourselves in the moment and in return, we become less of ourselves and filled with more of what is Divine.  

Instead of old, hand-me down beliefs continuing down the generational line as they have for millennia, there can be a new energy brought into the equation for our children, ourselves and the world if we agree to be this instrument of change.  This is how awakening takes place in this world – a sprinkle at a time.  

We must not mistake that sprinkle as being something small.  There’s no such thing as small.  Acts of Love, true Love, are grandiose – each and every one of them, because we have agreed to the grandest of all sacrifices in this world – the sacrifice of self in favor of Love.

Image Courtesy of:  Olia Danilevich on Pexels


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