Our Mission

We provide education and resources in a global effort towards inner transformation through contemplative prayer and meditation.

Our Vision

Together we envision all hearts illuminated by the divine light within.

As contemplative practitioners, we value the experience of divine presence available to us in silence. Resting in the present moment, we realize we are deeply connected to each other and that our inmost self abides in God. Silence helps us remove the inner obstacles keeping us from this state of divine awareness.

Transformed by the practices of prayer and meditation, we discover the true nature of our being as whole, complete and already perfect. This overflowing, transformational grace naturally flows outward in service to God, others, and the world.

The ultimate goal of the contemplative journey is a dissolving of the false self or ego. This inner transformation into wholeness includes greater health, balance, and vitality. The healing of self, other, and creation is part of an ongoing divine dance we both consent to and participate in.

We Believe

The spiritual path is available to anyone willing to be radically transformed through prayer and meditation.

Transformation occurs as we confront our own suffering and that of the world.

In doing this work, we learn to how to trace the roots of our harmful patterns, recognizing they generally grow from our woundedness.

We are therefore committed to see reality as it is and accept it.

With greater understanding of our ego patterns we live more freely and cultivate compassion for others.

Doing this enables us to be more present and aware moment to moment.

This empowers us serve others and the world.

We continually recognize areas for growth and feel guided toward a clear sense of purpose.

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