Let’s take a moment to remember that we are here, deeply held within the infinite presence of God.

What happy days! To live one’s life surrounded, engulfed. We are the people of the Living Lord and we have come to become the understanding that we seek. I hope to write these words by Wisdom, by the kind and gentle voice that finds its words before I have the time to think.

Let us remember that we, creation of the Living Lord, have been called here, to this exact moment on the infinite field of eternity.

Let us love ourselves until the love of self is all that’s left. No self. “Only love. Only the holder of the flag and wind. No flag.”

I am One with a boundary less presence. I look for the edge of this awareness with no avail.

We are not separate. I who writes and you who reads. For we are both, now, held– cradled in the Loving arms of the infinite awareness of our experience.

Gentle, now. Let the mind rest. For there is no hurry here. Here, all is done. All is free. The Maker has spoken. This understanding is me.

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