In his sermon this morning, Rev. Jack Groverland said something that really hit me.

Live for the moment.

We’ve all heard the phrase “live in the moment.” This was a slightly different twist.

I never thought about it before but to live in the moment kind of implies taking the moment as our own personal opportunity for awakening. There’s some merit in that of course, but what about actually giving ourselves over to the moment and all that it requires of us?

Living for the moment has a different feel to it. To me it means living for what the moment needs from me right now. I give myself to it completely.

Jack gave the example of cleaning the garage. Don’t treat it like, “Now I’ve got to clean the dumb garage.” Instead, clean the garage like you’ve never cleaned the garage before.

I wonder what it would take to live like that? To be so in tune with the moment and what’s needed of me right now that I give myself wholeheartedly to just this.

I think it would alleviate a lot of stress actually. Instead of always anticipating what’s next or wishing you were somewhere else, you would be right here, on the spot, doing what’s needed, living for the moment. It has a ring of “thy will be done” to it. It’s an interesting play on words, a different way to approach the moment.

Live for the moment. What do you think?

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