Little joy
Drifting in through my window
On a warm spring evening.

You beckon me to dance with your
You entice me,
Tickling my skin,
With your breezes.

If I cling to you,
I break you.
If I stomp on you,
I carelessly reject your gifts.

How then do I hold you and let you go, all in the same breath?

Because that’s the trick isn’t it?
Like the string of a mandolin.
Not too tight,
Not too loose,
Plays the perfect tune.

As Blake once said,
“He who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in eternity’s sunrise.”

Little joy,
Drifting in through my window
This night.
I kiss you.
I dance your dance.
I play your tune.
Then I watch
As you drift away,
Satisfied to have held you this long.


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