This is a challenging time for me. Challenging, but also full of promise and hope. In about two months, I’ll be moving back home. I’ve been here in Colorado for almost 25 years. Much has happened in that time.

Although my spiritual inclinations were nurtured at a young age by my grandparents, the better part of my spiritual journey has taken place here in Boulder. Now, the tug of family and my precious grandchildren are calling me back to Maine.

Therefore, I’ve been diligently sorting, packing, and giving things away, as well as making plans and setting events in motion. To tell you the truth, I feel a bit like Martha of Bethany –  scurrying about and troubled with many things.

In the past, when I’ve had something big coming up, like a trip or a deadline, I would anxiously perseverate on everything that needs to be done and make myself a little crazy in the process.

Naturally, I feel those well-worn  habits kicking in now. I can hear Jesus’ words to Martha as he speaks with (as Father Thomas Keating would say) a gentle tone of rebuke in his voice.

Martha, Martha, you are troubled about many things, but only one thing is necessary.

Luke 10:41

Yes, only one thing. 

  • Keep the faith.
  • Trust in God.
  • Sink into God’s presence. 
  • Let everything else go. 
  • Rest in truth. 
  • Take this time. 
  • Take it everyday. 
  • Don’t get so wrapped up in the mundane details. 
  • Hear the word of God. 
  • Speak the word of God. 
  • Open to Infinite Mystery. 
  • Stop fighting. 
  • Leave those nagging thoughts aside. 
  • Without effort, without trying. 
  • Let the Light of Christ shine through. 
  • Simply be. 
  • Here and now. 
  • In the present moment. 
  • And rest.

Okay, that sounds like many things, but it’s just different ways of saying the same thing:

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

Contemplation is simply that. Resting in the peace of Interior Silence and allowing Spirit to renew your soul.

This Martha is doing her best. With kindness, with gentleness, I’m watching myself go through this transition. 

I mean, let’s face it. Sometimes we need to call on our inner Martha. As Richard Rohr loves to say, the spiritual journey is defined by action and contemplation. Martha represents positive action as she waits upon the Lord. In fact, she can be highly effective, as long as she remembers to stay present to the Divine. 

So, yes, it’s an emotional time. It’s a challenging time. But mostly, it’s a time ripe with opportunity to practice being the best Martha I can be while deepening my relationship with the One who is the one thing necessary. 

Blessed Be.

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