Your Instructor

Kelly Boyer Sagert

Kelly Boyer Sagert is the writer of the Emmy-nominated film, Trail Magic: the Grandma Gatewood Story, the author of 15 traditionally published books and four commissioned plays, and the writer of thousands of published articles. She is a founder of the Northeast Ohio Christian Writer’s Conference and is starting her fourth year of offering monthly spiritual writing workshops to her local community.

Course Description

If you read devotionals, you already know how they can be a true blessing. A devotional can uplift you when you’re feeling discouraged, sad or lonely. It can help you acknowledge and repent from sins that cause personal rifts and create distance in your relationship with God. It can allow you to feel a keen sense of fellowship with another Christian, even if the two of you never actually meet.

And, if you are feeling called to write devotionals, know that you have a unique opportunity to bless others and make a genuine difference in their lives. This course takes you step by step through the process, and then guides you towards publishing, if that is your goal.

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